3xF Faith|Family|Fitness .::Quick HIIT Session::.

.:Training Thur::. This has been my favorite ‘quick’ go to HIIT for about 2 yrs now. I LOVE it bc it doesn’t require a lot of equipment which makes it easy for traveling, to do on your lunch break, or in office. However it’s a great HIIT session that really gets that heart rate up! My clients love it! They asked me to video it so they would have it for reference ‘on the road’ (they’re so hardcore!) I also broke it down to see each movement. Pick it (like straight leg dead lift strong back no arch) Pull it (up to shoulder) Squat it (wide and deep protect knees watch toes) Push it (drive through the heel) then Put it (bending over straight leg not locking knees) Repeat. I use a 20lb kettlebell, if you have two you can use both (placing one in front of each foot) it keeps you from switching hands. When your doing this fast it helps take a step out of the thought process! Hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Drea





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