Learning to Be Still

I have been in prayer all week for several different things. Today while praying on ‘specific things’ for myself, my husband, and my friends, I asked GOD to show me and direct me to words that would apply to these situations and help with the emotions that come a long with them. HE NEVER FAILS! I cried and bowed my head in humbleness and thankfulness after reading the devotional passage below. That he loves me enough to listen and guide me. I fail him daily, he gives me grace I don’t deserve, and love I have not earned because I am a sinner. Yet he wraps me up in his word and love when asked. This was the first passage I read after praying for direction, and it could not be any more perfect. Like himself, our perfect loving GOD!

I hope this helps you today, and reminds you to BE STILL!

1 Peter 4:12-13

Yesterday, we looked at Psalm 46:10, which instructs us to “cease striving” during the difficult times in our lives. That verse means we should stop trying to manipulate our circumstances and instead trust God and allow Him to work. Now, understanding a scripture is one thing, but putting it into action in our lives can be something else entirely. So just how is a believer to “be still”?

First, we must understand that the heavenly Father is allowing our difficulties. If we believe that He is in control, then we must also believe that He has permitted these events to occur.

Second, it may be hard to comprehend, but there is a purpose behind our trials, even when life seems confusing and hopeless. The Lord won’t allow hardships to come our way without good reason.

Third, since there is a purpose for our hardships, they have the potential to ultimately be positive experiences. This doesn’t mean everything will always work out perfectly, according to our own standards, hopes, and plans. But it does mean that if we respond correctly, we may look back on the experience as a catalyst for growth in our spiritual walk.

In Romans 8:28, Paul says, “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” You may have heard this familiar verse many times. But in order to maneuver successfully through the storms of life, you must understand its truth. God hasn’t disappeared, and He isn’t ignoring us. He has a purpose in everything—even the most challenging of circumstances.

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