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HSV Women:: (AR)

Are you wanting to make a positive, healthy change, in your life, but are intimated by the Gym setting??!  I am here to help!  I am a certified personal trainer. I have 13 years of fitness knowledge under my belt. I provide training for all different ages, goals, and at every fitness level. Whether you are just starting out, needing a kick start on weight training education, working toward serious weight loss, or the already ‘gym buff’ who needs help overcoming your plateau!


I offer a relaxed not judging environment, weight training, diet & nutrition coaching, along with positive life coaching. 3xF Faith, Family, and Fitness! That’s what I am all about. Let me be your 3xF Coach and help build a better you, together! Message me for details on location and affordable pricing today! email: 3xFCoach@gmail.com

3xF© Faith, Family, & Fitness!

3xF Blog Followers::

I offer the same opportunity to my online clients as my  local clients above, as far as training programs, diet, nutrition, and life coaching.  However,  I will not be on site for personal training. email: 3xFCoach@gmail.com

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