Friends and family have been asking how they can help me as I prepare for the Mrs Arkansas America Pageant. Click GOFUNDME Below!


Hello to  #thePteam!

As most of you know, I am the reigning Mrs. Hot Springs 2016! The Mrs. Arkansas America organization has been instrumental in providing me with opportunities to share and promote my platform “Voice for the Voiceless”.  (Animal Welfare and Rescue) While holding this title I have been making numerous appearances throughout our state and the Hot Springs area by doing volunteer work,  helping the community, and charitable organizations in the name of Animal Welfare and Rescue. Doing my best to make my impact on our great stAte with my platform, stories, and accomplishments.

I have been working with local state representatives in drafting a bill for an ‘Animal Cruelty Offender List’ for those who have been convicted of Animal Cruelty. This law would require registering- if convicted of this charge to the ACOL. This list would keep those convicted of this crime from purchasing from pet stores, or adopting from shelters within the state. I know it will not solve the entire problem, because there are many ways to acquire animals, but it will make it harder within the state of Arkansas. We have to start somewhere! With the sponsorship of this bill and introduction to appropriate committees ‘hopefully’ it will be passing as a  law. I am so grateful to have your support through this process. This November on Sat. the 14th ,  I will be competing in the Mrs. Arkansas America pageant, and there are still many expenses in order to pull this off! All contributions are greatly appreciated and mean a great deal to me. This is an exciting journey, but it is all that much sweeter knowing it is shared with the many of you who have graciously helped me make it THIS far.

If I happen to be crowned the new Mrs. Arkansas America winner, I will be representing Arkansas at the national Mrs. America pageant!!!

With your help, I am hoping to raise $2,500 and make a dream become a reality. This amount will help me pay for not only my entry fees and transportation; but also, boarding, pageant wardrobe, and other pageant supplies.

I am one blessed girl to have such an amazingly supportive husband, as well as my loving family and friends, God is so good!

Loving you all,
Drea Poteete

“Speak your mind even if your voice shakes.”

― Maggie Kuhn

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