Don’t Paint Me With One Brush…

“I was within and without. Simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald

In today’s world, everyone is trying to “fit in” somewhere. This group, that club, this social class, that religion, and the list goes on. Society has made it so important to classify people in “groups” of this and that, making it seem as if you have to have a clear defining border, with no blurred lines or grey areas and to be a part of something ‘specific’. In some cases maybe it has subconsciously added pressure to people and made them “seek out” and fill this NEED to be a part of something bc they do not feel that they are “normal” if not(<–Thank you society). Maybe it’s so they can wear some kind of matching label, like a cow brand and not feel isolated or alone, or they feel strengthened by numbers, or feel like they prove worthy now being accepted by a group to hopefully be accepted by society. I don’t know. I DO know there are awesome benefits of being a part of a team/group/club/organization, so many positive things for social development, mental attitude, self confidence, etc. I am all for organized groups of like minded individuals with common goals. What I am not for is the thinking that because you have love and passion for one thing, that you can’t have that same love and passion for other things. The question that prompted this entire post was a picture posted on my Facebook of me playing golf. In all innocence a friend said ” I didn’t know you play golf, I thought you were a cyclist” in no way being ugly or disrespectful, however, after it being the second time a phrase a long those lines had been made that week, it stirred something inside me. I started thinking to myself… I am so much more than just that one thing… I am a part of more than one organization, I have more than one hobby, I am not one dimensional!! HA  If something I enjoy doing as a hobby makes me ‘that thing’ then I am a lot of things. I am a runner, a hiker, a bowler, a gym rat, a cyclist, an aunt, a wife, a pageant girl, a tom-boy, a tennis player, a golfer, a foster mom, a social butterfly, a loner, a nerd, an outdoors woman, a traveler, a philanthropist,…you see my point.. why do we ‘have’ to be classified into one thing…why can’t you be a person who loves so many things, with each of those things giving you different feelings of satisfaction and in turn that be what makes YOU, you! ME! I could say “active” yeah that would put it in a big broad category, but sometimes I am lazy. LOL So why can’t I just be Drea who enjoys all kinds of things, indoors and out, active and chill, but things that all have personal meaning and fulfillment to her? So yeah you will see me in different ‘club’ cycling jersey’s, and golfing one day and maybe tennis the next, if that bothers you that I don’t fit in ONE mold, then I am NOT sorry society… 🙂 It’s never going to change! 🙂

me can2

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  1. fellochrist says:

    This is a great post, especially for the times that we are in now. I look forward to seeing more!

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