The Gift In Unanswered Prayers

Sometimes God makes his presence known by refusing to give us the desires of our hearts and then showing us what would happened if we had gotten what we wanted. We have all been there at some point, praying, waiting, and not seeing GOD working the problem out in our favor often leaving us frustrated. We question- why? Why don’t I deserve this blessing? Are you listening? You said in Psalm 37:4 you would grant me my hearts desire, well this is what I want! Everything in life was always great and under control, except for my miserably failing relationships, wasted on men not deserving of my time or second chances (or third for that matter).

Praise GOD for knowing what is best for us and having the power to control it. Praise GOD that everything is in his timing and plan despite our prayers and pleas. Praise GOD that he is the FATHER and we are the CHILDREN and he has power an authority over our plans!! (Jeremiah 29:11) Our plans that we prayed so hard would come to pass THINKING that it would not harm us and bring us our future!

It takes some of (us) longer than others to grasp this concept of losing control. The day I let GOD have it all and said “Ok, I want your plan, your plan has to be the best plan and is obviously it’s not what I have been praying for, I give it all to you. I will be patient and I will be alert. I will identify your voice from those of the wolves. I let GO and let GOD..” This mindset was one of the most freeing times I have ever experienced in my life. He took over and I was smart in my prayers and only making decisions after bringing it all before him, no matter how big or small. Like the sad ‘ole country song sings…”some of God’s greatest gifts, are unanswered prayers”!!

I was a stubborn child, whose Father was trying to get them on the right path, a path of freedom of pain, and with an abundance of self-worth only brought by the strength of his LOVE. Looking only for approval from him and no one else. Being proud of who I was as a person, because I was made in his likeness and perfect image. Everything broken in me, he had fixed. After he put be back together again, his plan was on its way to making me whole. He brought me my Husband. A man I had prayed for, for so long, when all the doors were closing on my past, it was because he had ONE and ONLY ONE that needed to be opened unto me. The right one, his will and way.

I know we all grow weary in our walk in this life, maybe it’s your career, your relationship, and addiction. I just wanted to share my testimony that when we stop trying to figure it all out on our own, and praying selfishly for him to GIVE US WHAT “WE” WANT, when we give it all to him and his plans and will for our life, BEAUTIFUL things happen. Life happens…

I challenge you to LET GO AND LET GOD. Let him take over every area in your life and watch him work his LOVE!!

I can tell you it wasn’t easy, and hind sight is 20/20, looking back I saw every opportunity he had given me to take the turn he had laid out for me. Yet every time I chose the wrong one. Until that one day!

Be blessed Friends!

God bless you!



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