Fall Fitness Favorites!


I hate to see summer go, but I welcome the crisp cool fall. Here in Arkansas sometimes the seasons run together, and even get mixed up with super warm days in the winter and cool days in the summer.
With the changing of the season and outdoor activities becoming a bit more limited (fall still offers great hiking, and outdoor activities) and the weather getting cooler, days getting shorter, sometimes it has an affect on our gym or fitness motivation. There are several things to help push through the ‘I want to lay low and hibernate wall’. I will share some things I use to help me, as well of some of my favorite things about Fall gym attire!


Fall offers a beautiful array of God’s gorgeous color pallet, with all the neutral earth tones nature has to offer. As beautiful as the oranges, yellows, and reds are, it seems to be a bit dreary with the day ending sooner and some cloudy skies. Those for some are some of the hardest days to get to the gym, a warm cup of joe and a good book snuggled by the fire might sound more appealing.

The key is to keep those bright rainbow colors in your wardrobe OUT, do not pack them away with your summer clothes. I look like a skittle bag exploded every time I step foot in the gym, lol. It brings the bright when the sun has said goodnight. Everything from tank, leggings, socks and even down to my shoes!


Most brands are jumping on the rainbow – bright band wagon so it shouldn’t be hard to find. So what if you get mistaken for a cart pusher at Kroger bc of your neon yellow tank (not once, but twice) :)) you just killed it in the gym and one upped the fall couch potato blues!



Another thing I do in the fall and winter is layer. It’s hard to get out in the cold in just a tank and shorts, so I always have a zip up or my favorite Under Armor cold gear long sleeve shirts as well as some type of lined capri cut or long yoga pant.


I don’t always go right home after the gym, sometimes I have to run to the grocery store, run a few errands etc. I have a very dry complexion which doesn’t help my scalp any, and static electricity is the devil for me in the winter. I always have ‘After Party’ by Bed Head in tow. It helps control the frizz and static post workout. Along with a can of dry shampoo. Matrix is my favorite, but any kind will do.


One thing I can not live without is my Polar Heart Rate Monitor. Not only does it track your heart rate, target zones, calories burned, etc., but for me it’s also that little extra push of motivation! Whether its getting that HR up just a little higher, satisfying my OCD and pushing to burn a few extra calories to get it to an even number, or setting new goals. Lol I know it’s bad lol. 😉 I have the FT7 be sure to read the description before purchasing. There are several models and some have fewer options than others.


I have been called a ‘brand snob’ lol (Josh) but I can’t help I like what I like. Nike and Under Armor both have different lines in their brand for cold gear and heat gear. I like the material for these and it helps with the seasons. My cold gear Under Armor is awesome, I’ve hiked mountains in CO where the temp started at 72* and as we climbed came to a snowing 30* with wind at 25 mph. I had my thin UA cold gear long sleeve and UA cold gear vest on and was completely fine. I wish I could have said the same for my shoe choice. Wet feet in cold whether, no fun! Thank goodness I always have an extra pair of socks in my camelbak ;).


(Come back and visit my blog for my shoe review)



I like that the cold gear shirt is thin and not bulky so it works well with the physical activity that you are doing. As well as having the thumb whole in the sleeve so not to ride up. Handy when tucking sleeves into gloves. I also wear mine hunting, lol. Hey, if it works! 😉



Hope this helps with fighting some of the gloomy, blah, weather blues this fall and winter season!

Comment with questions on any of these, as well as for stores where they are available for purchase.


Be blessed friends!!



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  1. helen says:

    Nice blog! Thanks for this. It really helps.

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