Flowers often g…

Flowers often grow more beautifully on dung-hills than in gardens that look beautifully kept. ~Saint Francis de Sales

Don’t compare yourself to others ‘highlight reel’, we all have struggle some choose to broadcast it and others want to keep it to themselves. I will say this, you don’t  have to have the best of everything to make the best of a situation. As cliche as this statement is ‘count your blessings’. Be a light in the darkness, a diamond in the muck. You are in this world, but not of this world. Does the world and people in it affect us? Of course. However, we choose to what extent and whether or not we let ‘it’s’ events or going on’s  mold and change us. Be cautious of your words and thought as they become your actions. Choose to let negative things drive you, not define you!

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  1. Laurie says:

    Hey girl… I am so glad you wrote that today! I have been working through a lot lately and been trying to tell myself these same things daily and to live it! Thank you!

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