Motivation Monday::

Motivation Monday::

Be realistic about your food. Don’t deprive yourself completely of cheats. Moderation is key, some people over indulge or binge when completely cutting out all guilty pleasures. Taking two steps back. After the gym yesterday, I came home to do my HIIT training outside. Box jumps, kettleball swings, stairs, speed ladder with ankle weights. My 82 yr old neighbor who I abs adore, comes over as I’m dripping sweat, face beat red and HR at 192! She has homemade bread and BROWNIES!! I was like gahhhh ha! Needless to say, my 30 min session was extended by 15 mins. No doubt I was goin to eat one of those brownies. I burned over 3,000 calories yesterday and I did not feel guilty one bit about that brownie! It was so good and sweet, but killed that sweet urge for a while. Self control and using your brain will make you much happier and will help make progress with realistic goals!
— feeling disciplined.

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