Testimony Tuesday::

Whether you personally know me, are a FB friend bc of us meeting and or common interest, a follower of my blog, or one of my 500 FB followers, you know that FITNESS is a passion of mine. That is easy to see at first glance, with my constant post for motivation, tips, recipes, helpful links etc….but believe it or not, I have a passion greater than that! ::GOD:: You see, we all have a purpose. God gifted each of us with different talents. Some are subtle and some not so subtle. Simply being a good listener, to having having a voice that can sell millions of records. Each very important, hand selected, and given to us by GOD. We all take pride in our hard work, our accomplishments, goals that we have reached and achieved. Through his blessings we are all successful, and you before anyone should measure that success for your SELF. Don’t let the public, numbers in your bank account, or the ‘Jone’s’ do it for you. Glorify GOD in ALL you do, let your talent be used as a platform for his will and the Kingdom. Some of my most memorable witnessing happened in very unexpected times and places. Backstage at Bodybuilding shows, locker rooms, hiking trails, just to name a few. So you see all of those are FITNESS related, yet unexpected places for GOD to show up. When GOD is in you, he shows through you everywhere!! There are no boundaries, limits, etc. Keep him FIRST, give him ALL the GLORY and be that voice in the darkness. This LITTLE light of mine, I’,m going to let it shine! Be blessed FB Family, Friends, & 3xF Followers!
— feeling God’s Presence.

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