The beauty in the “I wills” and “I shalls” of God!

God is absolutely perfect and ‘can not LIE’! Is there not a comfort in that, security that surpasses any other kind?! Wow. I bet my new followers are like, ‘ok we get it already, we have the faith, now where is the fitness?!’ LOL 😉 Like the scripture states, ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’ Phil 4:13. I meditate on the verse daily, I ask God for help in my every day walk, nothing too simple nothing too great.

Every morning when I bless my breakfast and ask God to use the food to the nourishment of my body. I ask that HE helps me to stay focused on good foods, that will benefit and add value to my body. Some may think it’s crazy, but I pray before my workouts. I ask that HE gives me the strength to lift the load, the confidence when I am having self doubt/ struggling on the last set, humility, and good thoughts on self image despite my flaws that I see in the mirror, saying to self: ‘I am ‘made perfect’ in his eyes’. I want the healthiest strongest temple to do his work for the kingdom. I want to be ready for what ever distraction the enemy throws at me in my pursuit to carry out my purpose in God’s will. Whether it be with the mind, tongue, or body, I want to be ready!

So when he says ‘ask and you SHALL receive’ and ‘I WILL grant you your hearts desire’ I have no hesitation that my perfect God will do just that.

I will call upon him or just talk to him like we are best friends talking on the phone everyday. My favorite time is when I am hiking. Something about being outside and feeling his presence through the warm beating of the sun. I fill as if I am at the foot of his robe, so intimate. I remember one hike in particular that I prayed for my safety from others, animals etc while was hiking alone in CO last Oct. I felt safe and comfortable, despite others warning of the danger of hiking alone. I was going through a bit of a struggle during that time, being deceived by person and having a false sense of reality. (Be careful of wolves disguised in sheep’s clothes!) I was on that Mtn. talking to him about the current situation, and I heard him say in my spirit…’I WILL never leave nor forsake you’. The chills and tears came over me like they always do, when I hear directly from him. I immediately lifted my hand in praise and worship, thanking God for loving this sinner.  I was forsaken and VERY much lied to by someone I trusted. A lie so ugly I wasn’t sure that I would ever get over it. God’s promises are real, the beauty is true. He is full of ‘I WILLS’ and ‘I SHALLS’ he said that day: I am close to the broken hearted, I will make whole again, and I will grant you, your hearts desire. BOY did he ever! I am glad I let go and let God act on his promises. That sense of peace that swept over me that day on that mountain side was life changing. I took the road less traveled that day, and how rewarding it was!


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